International Journal of Business, Innovation & Technology

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Review Process

JASTER shall not accept or publish manuscripts in its online journals without prior peer review. There shall be a review process of manuscripts by one or more independent referees who are conversant in the pertinent subject area.

Editors of JASTER shall follow the review process which shall be clearly defined. Authors should strive for maximum clarity of expression, bearing in mind that the purpose of publication is the disclosure of technical knowledge and that an excessively complex or poorly written presentation can only obscure the significance of the work presented. Material which is not essential to the continuity of the text (e.g., proofs, derivations, or calculations) be placed in Appendices.

Referees shall treat the contents of papers under review as privileged information not to be disclosed to others before publication. It is expected that no one with access to a paper under review will make any inappropriate use of the special knowledge which that access provides. Contents of abstracts submitted to conference program committees shall be regarded as privileged as well, and handled in the same manner.

Periodicals which are published shall have a review policy that ensures the quality of the papers. This policy should be generally consistent with the JASTER review policy contained in Policy